Dawn Moses, MID

As a practitioner with extensive training in Product Design and Innovation, Dawn is a creative professional who strives to live as close to the near future as possible. 

At its core, her work aims to understand how humans respond to multi-sensory aesthetic stimulation. Through this lens, she creates products, experiences, and brands that live across the digital/physical divide. Her interests and expertise are vastly distributed, affording her the ability to creatively navigate the intersection to find resonance.

Dawn holds an unwavering belief in the impact of design to transform business and cultivate a meaningful difference in our world. Through making and hands-on experimentation, she helps uncover the fastest route to identifying a unique competitive advantage.

Having lived and worked in the U.S. and U.K, Denmark, and Japan, Dawn brings a unique holistic perspective to her craft, and an understanding of how companies can thrive within today’s complex global context.