empathy by design

Are your designers, salesforce or service providers interacting with very different populations?  Be it in healthcare, law enforcement, education, product development or sales, the cultural divides between parties can be striking. This can lead to a poor understanding of the wants and needs of the "users. " And failed understanding leads to failed products, sub-par services, and poor outcomes.  

Organizations have one of 3 choices:

1.  Ignore the problem

2.  Hire market researchers to garner one-off insights into the user base

3.  Train employees with the skills to truly listen and understand the needs of the user-base -- empathy competency building 

The King's Indian offers those organizations who chose the third option a process for training that is effective, scalable, and adaptive. 

  unpacking empathy


Empathy is an outcome of multiple processes:


Each component can be broken down into constituent parts:



Designers, service provides and sales need to be motivated to understand their user-base.  We explore the incentive structures to ensure that our stakeholders are truly driven to put in the time and effort required to take on the viewpoint of their user-base. 



Users themselves have widely different capacities for communicating their point-of-view. Language, cultural and even cognitive barriers may impede the success of a user from expressing clearly how they perceive any given situation.   



Once armed with the users depiction on their viewpoint, and motivated to understand this perspective, the agent must then work to incorporate and comprehend this alternative world views. This takes effort and specific learnable skills. 





Empathy Training

For small teams, deploy in-person highly focused empathy training sessions to build in-depth empathy acumen, fast.  




Empathy Competency Games & Curriculum

For larger organization, deploy out-of-the box or bespoke designed empathy-competency building curriculums with benchmarking and evaluation.  




Empathy-Based Research

When immediate market feedback is required, we execute user-research tapping empathy techniques to be sure we capture the true perspective of the user.